Friday, January 8, 2016

Hip Hop Quotes - Top Hip Hop Music

Discovering the real Hip Hop Quotes - Top Hip Hop Music, you will find that there are certain quotes that are more important than others. That is because of what they stand for and mean. I could have picked any quotes out there to talk about, but I find these to be extremely important. They have effected the way I view certain situations in life.

I feel that they have taught me to look at things from another perspective. I don't believer that a lot of other people think the same way as I do. I just would like to find out if there are those out there that might listen to where I am coming from. I don't expect to get a billion followers out of this.

I just want others to know that there are people like me out there. If they are willing to read and understand the level of thinking that I am on, I would like that. I just know that others too ill be able to understand with a little time out of the busy life that we all go through. It takes patience to know that you two can be a little free by concentrating on yourself instead of trying to please someone else.

That statement can go very far. Everyday we wake up, we are forced to help someone else out. A lot of times what I am talking about is going into work because we have to. They pay you a shit wage and it satisfies you because you are able to live a little comfortable in a home.

It's what a lot of people go by but miss the whole understanding of trying to do their own thing in order to take down from the laziness of CEO's that got a company passed down to them. I can go on forever with talk about what I believe in. I just would like you to read what I write by clicking the above link.

Maybe then, you can get to the level of thinking that I have. That will be your starting point to start thinking of you first before them.

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